RESET+RECONNECT - 4000 SAR [Saudi Arabia only 🇸🇦]

990 €

The Reset+Reconnect Program is a monthly support including:

- Weekly Meal Plans based on an anti-inflammatory and blood sugar-friendly diet. The whole program is set to heal and regenerate your gut microbiome, our second brain and driver of our inflammation levels.

The meal plans are adapted to your chronic diseases, food intolerance and medical conditions. 

- Grocery list support + food labels analysis training.

- 2 hour-cooking class (online or at home): we cook together a 3-course anti-inflammatory menu;

- 24h/7 support by text messages: nutritional labels analysis, groceries support, kitchen essentials, food products analysis, mental support... A 100% personalized support available anytime.

- 1:1 nutritional assessment (45 minutes) each week to follow-up on your progress.

- Free entrance to the weekly Wellness Collective events in Riyadh and Jeddah.


The weekly support include personalized recipes elaborated according to your health goals and adapted to your food intolerances.
The nutritional support is based on an anti-inflammatory diet to heal your microbiome and stabilize your blood sugar - to ultimately rebalance your metabolism and allow you to manage your weight in a sustainable way, without any deprivation.

You also receive a list of the food essentials to have at home - adapted to your personal budget.

I will help you analyze the food product at the supermarket and guide you into building a balanced meal plan.


The Reset+Reconnect Program is not only a nutritional and health assistance but also a mental and emotional support :
you will learn how to develop positive eating patterns that help you to heal your relationship with your body and food.

 Monthly payments without engagement. Cancel anytime.

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